During times of stress and crisis, we provide training and consultation to restore and strengthen individuals' and organizations' resilience, wellness, productivity, and potential.

As founding members of CSR, our work in trauma-responsive and strengths-based program development, training, and consultation is valued and trusted by national and international leaders.

We provide comprehensive consultation and training in trauma-responsive practices and systems. Our service selection is extensive and will meet your needs.

We provide a full spectrum of services, from grant writing, training, expert consultation, program development, and program evaluation.

Our Menu Of Services 


Program and Policy Development and Consultation 

We can assist in program infrastructure building and developing curricula and policies that promote wellness and organizational success.


Grant and Reporting

We will work closely with you to develop grant proposals that will help your organization obtain the resources needed to recover from crises and/or promote safe and resilient organizational climates.


Program Evaluation

We use a data-driven approach to evaluate program implementation, accountability and effectiveness.

Crisis and Disaster Response and Recovery Program Development and Consultation and Training

We are dedicated to support and provide timely consultation to you in times of uncertainty crisis, or disasters.


Trauma-informed Trainings 

Our trainings are designed to provide concrete strategies that will enhance the ability of your employees, leadership and HR staff to engage with those who are experiencing the effects of trauma and toxic stress.

Why Partner With Center for Safe and Resilient Schools and Workplaces?


Partnering with us can give members of your organization the knowledge and tools needed to be resilient and successful in times of significant stress or crisis.


We help organizations develop and sustain safe and resilient organizational climates that supports wellness and helps your organizations to achieve its mission and goals.  


We have many years of experience successfully writing funded grant proposals with many federal, state, local and privately funded organizations. 


We are reliable, evidence-informed and data driven.