Dr. Marleen Wong, Clinical Professor Emerita

She is one of the original developers of the evidence based Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools, and Psychological First Aid in schools. She has provided on-site crisis management for federal agencies, the United States Department of Education, school shootings, natural disasters, and acts of terrorism.

Completed Projects

Dr. Marleen Wong, Clinical Professor Emerita is expert on Program Consultation, Education and Development

FEMA Coordinator LAUSD

Authored and Implemented the first FEMA Crisis Counseling Grant written specifically for trauma recovery of children and adults after the LA Riots and Fires 

Director of Mental Health, District Crisis and Threat Assessment Teams, and Suicide Prevention Programs, LAUSD

Created and Co-Developed District Policies, Programs, Procedures and Protocols for School Mental Health and Crisis Intervention; Expanded School Mental Health Clinics and staff 

Member of the staff of the Chief Operating Officer

Working closely with other reporting units such as School Police and SROs, the departments of finance, health and human services, human resources, and the general counsel.

Experience as a School Board Member

Member of the teachers’ union for 20 years and Member of the administrators’ union for over 10 years

Established the first full scope Medi-Cal Reimbursement Contract in the US with LAC/DMH and a school district, recognizing a school district may create and run an outpatient mental health program funded by a MedicAid base of reimbursement 

Consultant/Curriculum Developer for Safe Schools Programs

Multiple Consultations, Meetings and Listening Sessions with Presidents Clinton and Bush and with the Secretaries of Education in the Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations as Subject Matter Expert in National School Safety Policy and Trauma Recovery Programs  

District Support and Consultation

Thurston HS (1998-2001) – Provided Trauma Education to Faculty, Staff, and Administrators; Trained School Based MH staff on Trauma Recovery Interventions 

Columbine HS (1999-2002)

Provided Trauma Education to Faculty, Staff, and Administrators; Trained School Based and Jefferson County Mental Health Staff on Trauma Recovery Interventions 

Santana HS (2001-2003)

Provided Crisis Counseling and Trauma Education to Faculty, Staff, and Administrators; Trained School Based Mental Health Staff on Trauma Recovery Interventions 

Sandy Hook Elementary Newtown CT (2012-2014)

  • 2012-2013 Interviews with parents of surviving and deceased students; faculty, staff and school board members to assist with the writing/development of federal grant applications to fund trauma recovery programs, including PROJECT SERV
  • 2013 Invited testimony/CT. Governor Malloy’s Commission on Sandy Hook, Hartford CT.

Consultation to Recovery Coordinator

Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS Parkland Fl. (2018-present) 

1995 Oklahoma City Bombing of Murrah Building

  • Led the US Department of Education onsite hearings to determine the impact and assess the recovery needs of students, parents, faculty, administrators and Superintendent and her Executive staff 
  • Created and led crisis intervention team that debriefed over 500 faculty, staff and administrators 
  • Authored the Oklahoma Public Schools (OKPS) FEMA Crisis Counseling Grant 
  • Created the post bombing School Mental Health Recovery Program 
  • Consulted and advised the Director of the SMH Recovery Program for 4 years 
  • Provided training on crisis interventions and mental health recovery 
  • US Department of Justice, COPS in Schools Program – authored the mental health and suicide prevention chapters; led those workshops to over 6,000 SROs and sworn law enforcement officers across the US 

2001-2003 New York City Board of Education Schools after 9/11

  • Consultant for Recovery Program Development – Chancellor of the NY City Board and Education 
  • Advisor to the Chief Financial Officer/NY Board of Education Schools to develop funding and reimbursement formulas for Trauma Recovery Services 
  • Working Partnership with NYPD Deputy Chiefs and the NYC Board of Education Chief of Security to Assess School Needs post 9/11 

Consultant to Lincoln School District

 Project SERV – Wildfire Recovery Program

Senior Advisor to the North American Center for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response, US and Canada



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