Our Services

Training, education and response can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. We use a resilience and recovery framework that promote healing and wellness on an individual, organizational, and societal level.

We are a multi-faceted training and consultation firm, skilled in trauma-responsive programs and organizational changes. Our goal is to provide your institution with the skills and knowledge to be strong, effective and resilient. 

We offer a wide range of trauma-informed trainings to promote individual and organizational wellness, as well as program consultation and evaluation.

Program and Policy Development and Consultation

We provide you with technical assistance in the development of specific programs and policies. We use evidence-based practices to ensure a program or curriculum that will yield results.  We have consulted with, among many others:

  • Project Aware (Washington D.C, and Clark County School District Trauma-informed transformation after the MGM shooting)
  • Flint Michigan Water Crisis
  • North American Center for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Consuelo Foundation
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • Broward County Public Schools

Program Evaluation

This service provides a detailed evaluation based off a systematic collection of data. We will provide guidance into what is working for your institution and what needs improvement. This service can assist with gathering data that is essential for program and fiscal accountability in required reports. Program evaluation provides critical data to drive necessary improvements within an organization and demonstrate key benchmarks of success.  Work includes the following:

  • SAMHSA NCTSI Category II TSA Grant (Grant evaluations and reports – 10 years)

Grant Writing

We can provide guidance and technical assistance about how to obtain necessary funds from donors or other sources to assist in the program development. Your organization can gain access to the necessary resources to recover from crisis and create healthy organizational climates. Successfully funded grants include the following:

  • TSA Center for Schools, (SAMHSA: National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative (NCTSI)-Category II Grant)
  • Norwalk –La Mirada Unified School District (US Department of Education Full-Service School Grant)

Crisis and Disaster Response and Recovery Program Development and Consultation and Training

We have responded to many varied national and international crises and are committed to provide your institution with the necessary skills needed for resilience and disaster recovery.  You do not have to face adversity alone. Our team will assist in the recovery of your organization.  Prior work and partnerships include the following:

  • Republic of the Philippines Department of Education (Training and support for teachers across the country)
  • Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture
  • NYC 9-11, (Consultation and support – US Department of Education and NYC Board of Education)
  • Columbine
  • Sandy Hook
  • Broward County Public Schools (Consultation and Support)
  • Oklahoma City
  • Flint, Michigan
  • Additional National and International Consultation and Program Development
    • US Department of Justice – Victims of Crime;
    • US Department of Education Project SERV;
    • National Center for School Mental Health, South Korea;
    • Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Education and Ministry of Culture

Psychological First Aid – Listen, Protect, Connect, Model/Teach (PFS-LPC, M/T)

Psychological first aid (PFA) began as a tool to help first responders cope with victims experiencing trauma on the scene. There are several models of PFA, but Psychological First Aid—Listen, Protect, Connect, Model/Teach (PFA—LPC) was developed in response to a series of school shootings in the 1990s. The five-step crisis response strategy was intended to guide individuals in helping those who are traumatized to be able to deal with the aftermath of senseless violence. PFA—LPC helps staff support individuals through the process of recovery, especially when they encounter traumatic reminders of being in danger or of experiencing loss or trauma. The PFA-LPC model is promoted by the US Department of Education.

  • Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network (National webinar)
  • Florida Association of School Social Workers (Pre-conference training, 2018)
  • California Department of Education Supporting you Supporting Students (COVID-19) Webinar Series (Training, 2020)
  • The Children’s Hospital of Chicago – Center for Childhood Resistance
  • First Nations (Canada)
  • California Department of Education;
  • US Department of Education;
  • Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network, Northwest PBIS Conference,
  • American Council for School Social Work

Trauma-informed Trainings & Strategies for Educators (TISE)

The Trauma-informed Skills for Educators is an in-service designed to enhance educators’ knowledge about trauma and its impact on students, as well as enhance educators’ ability to engage with youth who’ve been exposed to trauma. The training addresses various types of traumas, the neurological impact of trauma on students, signs and symptoms of trauma, and describes how trauma can manifest in the classroom and impact student learning. Additionally, the in-service provides concrete strategies to help educators support students in a more trauma-responsive way including: fostering a trauma-sensitive classroom climate, communicating with students about trauma, de-escalating disruptive incidents; and fostering trauma responsiveness throughout the school community.

Requested & Completed Trainings:

  • Clark County School District
  • Iredell-Statesville School District
  • Butte County Office of Education
  • Canada Catholic Schools
  • Fresno County Office of Education
  • Regina Roman Catholic Separate Schools – Canada

Benefits of your program


We promote restoration and strengthening of individual and organizational capacity to build resiliencethrough a data-driven approach and evidence-informed practices and strategies. 

Clients will build resilience on an individual and communal level

Latest Projects

Dr. Marleen Wong

  • Program Consultation, Education and Development
  • FEMA Coordinator LAUSD – Authored and Implemented the first FEMA Crisis Counseling Grant written specifically for trauma recovery of children and adults after the LA Riots and Fires
  • Director of Mental Health, District Crisis and Threat Assessment Teams, and Suicide Prevention Programs, LAUSD –Created and Co-Developed District Policies, Programs, Procedures and Protocols for School Mental Health and Crisis Intervention; Expanded School

Vivien Villaverde

  • Founder, Center for Safe and Resilient Schools and Workplaces, Inc (CRSW). CRSW provides training and consultation to schools and workplaces in an effort to promote safety, well-being, and individual capacity. The Center aims to build resilient individuals and organizations to effectively enhance their ability to achieve their strategic goals.
  • School District Support & Consultation; Mental Health Workforce Development; Program Development; Policy Development;

Pamela Vona

  • Founder, Center for Safe and Resilient Schools and Workplaces, Inc (CRSW) The CRSW provides training and consultation to schools and workplaces in an effort to promote safety, well-being, and individual capacity. The Center aims to build resilient individuals and organizations to effectively enhance their ability to achieve their strategic goals.
  • Program Manager University of Southern California, Dworak-Peck School of Social Work In my capacity, I oversee program development, research and administrative activities…